Group Insurance Main PageWith rising health care premiums business owners find it increasingly difficult to provide quality health benefits at reasonable rates. Employer organizations, especially small business owners are constantly striving to find a balance between affordable rates and a rich enough benefit package to attract and retain quality employees.

The Hawaii Prepaid Health Care Law requires that all employers in Hawaii (and those based outside of Hawaii that employ any Hawaii residents) provide qualified health care coverage to those employees who work at least 20 hours a week for four consecutive weeks. As your independent agent we can provide you with a competitive rate proposal from any or all of the three major carriers we represent:

  • Kaiser
  • UHA
  • HMAA (50 or more full-time equivalent employees required for new groups).
  • HDS (Dental)
  • VSP (Vision)

We will then help you compare rates and benefits side by side and put together a benefits package that makes sense for your business and that complies with state and federal requirements. Contact us today to guide you through this importance process.

Types of Health Plans

PPO (examples: UHA, HMAA)

-choose your doctor in or out of plan’s network

-Less costly if you use in-network providers

-No referrals required to see a specialist

HMO (example: Kaiser)

-Coverage for in-network providers only with the exception of emergencies

-Generally lesser out of pocket costs than PPO plans

-Referral from your primary care doctor required to see a specialist